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Welcome to Start Business Today!

Start Business Today is your launch pad to the online business world. Get a head start by gaining an initial competitive advantage over other e-biz startups. We are here to help you achieve just that.

It doesn’t matter whether you just want to take your brick-and-mortar store online, or whether you want to start an entirely new e-business venture as an info-publisher, here you’ll find the right launch pad.

Having an online presence opens doors to new and exciting opportunities for everyone.  According to Google 97% of consumers search for local businesses online, and that’s where you need to be as a business owner.  At Start Business Today, we can help you get there in an inexpensive-painless way.

Perhaps you never thought about starting a business, and much less online.  However, if you’re just thinking about it… today is the day to start.  Having a business online is one of the most affordable and less risky ways to find and create new opportunities.

As a business owner or as an aspiring one, there’s always going to be challenges to face, and you don’t need to be alone when they show up.  Knowing what those challenges are, helps you get ready with a plan.

In addition, there’s also opportunities that need to be identified.  Start Business Today will be there as well, to give some tips and guidance as to how to do it.  If you want us there of course!

A few years back we started just like you, with a dream.  Along our journey we have failed and succeeded.  Failure teaches us great lessons we wouldn’t learn any other way.  However, it’s always possible to learn from other people’s mistakes (if we’re open to it). We wouldn’t want you to go through the same mistakes.  This is why here we’ll be sharing about them.

There are tons of ways to get an online presence.  From free to over priced.  From very easy to really complex.  They all come in tons of colors and flavors.  They also cater to many different tastes and preferences.   At Start Business Today we are here to save you the trouble...  Let us do it for you!

  In the end, all that really matters comes down to your particular needs…What are you trying to achieve?  What are your goals for your online business?
If you just want to tell the world about the products or services you offer in your local store or a combination of local and online services, or if want to publish unique information about a particular topic and generate income through contextual advertising and affiliate programs, of ir you want to sell digital products through your website, our services are right for you.  

If you are a really busy person and don’t have the time nor inclination to start learning how to take your business online . . . we are here to help you with that in an effective, inexpensive, and legal way. This why we exist.


Getting Started

Gettting Started

Starting an online business used to be only a dream. Living in the information age has opened up new and exciting opportunities for everyone. It is very exciting and rewarding. Being aware of the challenges and opportunites will help us better prepare before starting. Read more here...

Promoting an E-Biz

Building an online business

Promoting an online business demands for careful planning and an step guide to create targeted strategies.  This is achievable with an all-in-one process, tools, and guidance.  Learn how to reach your targeted audience effectively without spending a fortune.  For more... 

A Successful Journey

How to succeed online

When starting an online business let’s take advice from a genius.  Einstein said: Learn the rules of the game, and then, play better than anyone else. This advice applies today more than ever and fits like a glove when it comes to starting your own online business. Learn more here...


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