Starting A Turnkey Website Business

A turnkey website business is an untapped opportunity in many local markets.  Will you take advantage of this opportunity and reach your own local market (or even into international markets)? 

A turnkey solution when it comes to websites means websites already made or ready to go.  These websites come with everything ready as for design and layout is concerned and ready to be uploaded to a webhosting server.   However, they always need more content and customization to fit individual biz needs.

Is it as easy as it sounds?  It’s surely easier than starting a website from scratch.  By offering this kind of product/service you could build a very profitable business online.  The main thing you need to do is either source turnkey sites for resale or create them yourself and start selling them.

Starting your own turnkey website business could become very profitable for you as the demand is pretty good and there’s short supply.  However, there’s a lot of mis-information as well as mis-conception about these kinds of sites.  So, you first need to understand what they really are and how they work to best serve your future customers.

Did you know that more than half of local businesses still don’t have a website.  The rest might as well not have one.  But that is changing fast.  Those who don’t have an online presence will be left behind.
You have the opportunity to help these local (and even international) businesses get online by selling them either already made websites or customized to their needs and specifications, which is even better for them and for you.

However, there’s always people who want rather quick solutions, and that’s where you come to play a very imporant role by meeting these kinds of customers as well.

These small businesses don’t have time to spare or the technical know-how.  They need to focus in their long term plan and at the tasks they do best.  This is why they need to leave this part of their business to the experts, in which case, it could be you.

The competitive advantage of your turnkey website business is that you’ll not only build a great-looking site but one that drives traffic and produces results for your customers.  All you need to do is learn how to accomplish this and let me tell you is not as difficul.  I’ll show you how if you follow me here. 

So, not every webmaster out there has the skill to build money-making websites.  They can mostly build great looking sites.  But, you’re different because you will learn here how to start this kind of business and how to make it a successful one by offering a competitive-unique advantage as mentioned earlier.  

With your turnkey website business you will want to help your customers by building sites that gets the results they want.  If you learn how to build high quality websites that generate targeted visitors with a professional look, that are functional as well as easy to navigate, plus at very competitive prices.  If you can make all this work you’ll have on your hands a really sustainable and profitable business.

There are of course advantages and disadvantages for those who are looking to buy turnkey websites and, you as a business looking to sell these kinds of sites should know how to approach each of them to better help your customer make the right decision. 

There are many different ways you can start your own turnkey website business as there are different types of services and offerings you may incorporate and sell them as packages or individually.

For starters, you may sell turnkey website templates, website scripts, mini-sites, ready made websites, custom turnkey websites, niche turnkey websites, or build niche websites.

Come back as I’ll explain further how to get started.

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