Business Planning Process

Business Planning Process

Business planning process checklist is an first step in the right direction. This reference, although not comprehensive, might give you ideas and inspiration to get organized and collect initial information that will help you with the business planning process.

You should in addition look for more detailed information on the web from different resources to be more thorough.

The steps mentioned here are all too often overlooked and neglected. Then down the road many failing businesses wonder what they missed. So, although these might not seem so exciting or important, they do have an impact on a new business overall performance that unfortunately is not immediately obvious.

Get started in the right direction by reviewing and perhaps following the simple steps that could save lots of pain down the road.

Conduct Initial Market Research

First, we need to determine the purpose of this research. This is an exploratory type of research where you are not trying to prove a thesis or hypothesis. You just want to start getting to know whether there are some gaps, problems, or identify an opportunity on the market that you could meet with your biz offering.
Learn more about conducting initial market research...

Idea Generator For Business

The next idea generator for business will help you see things upside down. By thinking outside the box you'll be able to have a different perspective on things than you usually do. This would also open up your mind and hopefully you'll start see things as you never did before. For more on generating business ideas click here.

Validate Your Business Idea


Why validate your business idea? It doesn't give you certainty but peace of mind. Is this good enough or have you actually diminished the chances to fail? Evaluating and validating a business idea is a crucial step when planning a business venture. This step is all too often neglected. Yes, it takes time and effort, but it also saves us lots of pain down the road. Read more about Validating Your Business Idea

How To Do A SWOT Analysis

Use this business plan sample to get started writing your own. This example is for an Infomation Publishing company.

SWOT is a strategic planning tool that compares internal factors (resources) like the organization's strenghts and weaknesses, to external opportunities and threats. Its main purpose is to help the business use its strenghts, tap into opportunities, improve on its weaknesses and prepare for to face threats. Check How To Do A SWOT Analysis here.

SMART Goal Setting

The key to smart goal setting is to set goals you can achieve. Setting the right goals involves direction, decision and determination. This is why SMART goal setting helps us answer important questions that'll take us where we want to go (Direction). Which in turn help us make the right decisions on the road to achieving those goals. Start your SMART Goal Setting here.

Essentials of Writing a Business Plan

The essentials to writing a business plan helps you get started in the critical decision making steps towards the future of your business. Prepare for a successful business venture. Another good reason to doing this is that it helps organize ideas and information that gives valuable insights into whether a business idea has potential. Learn more here.

Sample Business Plan Outline

Use this business plan sample to get started writing your own. This example is for an Infomation Publishing company. Pay special attention to the Risk Analysis area because it practically sums up why you really need to plan for your business. See This Sample Business Plan Outline.

Essentials Of A Good Marketing Plan

One of the main purposes of developing a marketing plan is to describe in detail the resources and actions necessary for achieving our business marketing goals and objectives. Once the plan has been prepared and implemented, it needs to be evaluated regularly to determine its success in moving your business towards its objectives. Learn more about the Essentials Of A Good Marketing Plan.

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