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Instant Website Builder

Build Your Small Business Website Easily & Effortlessly!

All you need to get online today is included in our plans.  NO HTML, CSS Knowledge or Technical Skills Required!   This is great for those just starting out and who want create a simple website with little time and effort.

Your website about your business will Look Professional and make you proud of your online presence.  When current and potential customers find you, they'll  have a great first impression about your brand.  According to Google 90% of web searches are for local businesses, will you be where potential clients are?

With basic information about your business you'll get found online by targeted local prospects at very affordable prices for just starting out.  This is way more effective than a yellow pages ad and far less expensive.  How much can you fit in a yellow pages ad?  You need a bit more to capture your audience's attention for longer.

Plus, our plans are the Ultimate Pay as You Grow Plans.  When you need more pages, power, plugins, or reach world-wide audiences, just upgrade to the next plan.

Why pay for tons of features you are not ready to use just yet?  Others offer you tons of features that you don't need to get started, while most of them, you'll probably never use.  Just pay for what you really need now using one of our budget-friendly starter plans.

Build Landing Pages for Special Promotions, for Testing Online Biz Ideas, Build a List of subscribers or sell your own products using any of our plans.

We offer you a User-Friendly Solution that makes creating and managing websites easy, fun & fast.  Quickly build your own personal website, your company's website, or create affiliate websites to promote affiliate offers.

The best of all is that your website with us is super easy to update and mantain.

We do all the heavy lifting for you in the background.

No need to worry about software updates, fixes, patches, security breaches, like other platforms like WordPress.  Did you know that 30,000 WordPress sites are hacked every single day?  WordPress sites are great for some things but an overkill for others.  If you want a simple to create and mantain website our website builder is for you!

WordPress sites are really hard to mantain.  For instance, every time there's an update, you not only need to update your site in general, but also, all the plugins you have installed, and pray your site won't break or have compatibility issues.  Then, there's the security part... the worst of all!  It's very hard to keep a WordPress site secure from hackers.

With us you don't have to worry about any of that!

All you have to do is promote your site like crazy online!

You'll be ahead of the game with us and ready to

Overcome The Greatest Challenge Newbies & Beginners Face

when starting out online...

Creating and Mantaining their websites!

If you are a really busy biz owner wearing many hats, you want a simple-efective and great-looking solution to create and mantain your small business website.  This is why we exist, we've solved this issue for you.

Let's take a look at our InstaWeb Plans:

  • Use Your Own Domain Name or get one from us
  • From 50 to 100 Domain-Based Email Accounts (Depending on your plan)
  • Includes Powerful Hosting 99% uptime guarantee.
  • Unlimited Pages & Bandwidth (Fair use policy applies).
  • OX App Suite Basic (Biz Info-Manager & Collaboration Tool).
  • DNS & nameserver control
  • Email & URL forwarding
  • White labelled WHOIS
  • Domain parking & masking

Just pick your favorite theme, change colors,
add text and pictures and you're ready to go!

Check it out:



Domain Name
Use your own domain name or purchase one from us. All our plans support linking to your own domain, so no limitation here.
Includes Cloud-Based Hosting 99% Uptime Guarantee. We use the most secure and advanced data centers worldwide.
OX App Suite & Webmail
Free basic business productivity online suite. Includes webmail, agenda, contacts, tasks, calendar, portal widgets (digital life, social media). Check it!
Ready To Go Themes
Choose from already made themes, change images and colors and you're ready to go. (Starter simple themes. No CSS styling.)
Drag & Drop Editing
Quick and Easy to Update Your Site Using Our Drag & Drop Editor and layout creator.
Professional E-mail
Get from 50 to 100 Domain-Based E-Mail Boxes depending on your plan. Look professional with personalized e-mail. This is part of the OX App Suite
Responsive Design & Mobile Editing
Your website will look great on any mobile device, plus edit your site right from your Smartphone on the go.
Image Library
Choose from hundreds of royalty-free images to use on your site. Also enjoy our image cropping and resizing tool.
Unlimited Pages & Bandwidth Website (Depending on your choise below)
Get a full featured website. Place as little or as much information as you can fit in. Get found online today!
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